Futura Foods YAMAS! Halloumi Winner


Yam-yasss by Nicola Jackson-Jones from Two Cents Pizza

About the Category

YAMAS! Halloumi Cheese is made to a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) recipe and process, combining the perfect blend of Cypriot cow, sheep and goat's milk, and a high melting point that delivers a unique and iconic texture, with slightly salty flavour delivery. The enticingly squeaky texture makes this cheese a must for pizza. 

Suitable for Vegetarians. Suitable for Coeliacs.

The Brief

We want to see some innovative thinking in your use of our halloumi, don’t just cube it on top!

  • Think about trending cuisines halloumi would work well with, really delivering on the fusion cuisine trend
  • Marinades, seasonings and finishing touches for the halloumi to elevate it
  • How can you make the halloumi go further in your product:
    - In terms of the cost of the overall product
    - Also consider health criteria: fat/ protein/ salt
    - Blending to optimise usage and coverage

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