During the pandemic, pizza delivery was almost the fourth emergency service! And where would pizza be without the culinary talents of the pizza chefs who put a smile on everyone’s face with their slices of heaven?

Who doesn’t love that moment when a knock at the door, a ring of the bell or the overly-excited barks of an exuberant Labrador herald the arrival of a piping hot pizza? And while the delivery driver gets all the thanks, where is the love for the true hero of the night, the pizza chef? 

Where’s the 8pm doorstep round of applause?

It’s at the PAPA Awards dinner, 10 November 2022. Around about 8.30pm, as it happens. Just before starters. That’s when the Pizza Chef of the Year winner will be revealed. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves with all this talk of dinners and winners. There’s the (not so) small matter of the original - and still the best - national pizza chef competition which shines a spotlight on the creative flair so often confined to hot kitchens up and down the land.

How it works

Challenged to create recipes using ingredients nominated by our sponsors, with each sponsor ingredient forming a competition category, the competing chefs submit their recipes for initial judging by the sponsors. 

The hundreds of entries are whittled down to a select group of finalists who will compete against each other at the finals in early October. Each chef will make their pizza for and take questions from a panel of industry experts. The winner in each category will be revealed on the day of the finals and invited to the PAPA Industry Awards Dinner in November.

The Finals

We are delighted to announce that the finals of this year’s Pizza Chef Competition will take place alongside the Italian Pizza Show on 11 October 2022 at the impressive Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

This exciting new show, run by FIC UK (Federation of Italian Chef's) in collaboration with I Love Italian Food, the largest international network dedicated to authentic Italian food and in conjunction with the Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association, will be promoting authentic Italian pizza, food and beverages as well as staging the finals of the competition. 

We are also pleased to announce below our panel of judges on the day and can’t wait to see you there! 

Theo Randall (Head Judge), Enzo Oliveri, Marco Fuso and Michael Eyre

How to Enter