This award aims to find the best new pasta product launched in the last year and includes frozen, fresh and dry products.

Entry Requirements

  • Entries should be for single products, not ranges.
  • Maximum of three product entries
  • Products should have been launched within the 12-month award period.
  • Entrants should state why products deserve to win and highlight any innovative features.
  • Products should continue to be on sale at the time of the awards.
  • Those entrants initially shortlisted will be asked to deliver sample products for judging.
  • Judging will take account of innovation as well as taste and presentation.
  • The final hortlisted entrants will be invited to present their products to our judges and members online for voting.

Award Qualifying Period
1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021

Closing Date
12th August 2021


Those shortlisted for the first stage of judging in this category will be notified W/C: 30/08 and sample products requested to be with the judges at the earliest opportunity and no later than Wednesday 08/09. Please be aware that the samples will need to be sent to three or four separate addresses which will be confirmed at the time. The final shortlisted entries will be notified by Monday 27/09 and will be asked to present to our judging panel on Tuesday 05/10.