There’s never been a better time to see how you stack up against the competition by entering the PAPA Industry Awards.

This year we have changed a few of the award categories to have a wider reach. Our new Business Innovation Award, for example, looks to reward fresh thinking which addresses challenges faced by businesses, whether that be in technical, environmental, or similar areas. We’re also injecting a little more of la dolce vita into proceedings with two new product categories bearing a distinct Italian flavour to them.

If you think the awards aren’t for you, think again. There is everything to gain from entering, as some of last year’s winners explain.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying, Aldi UK

“Winning awards for our carefully selected products means so much to us. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality product range at the best possible price, and these award wins truly demonstrated that commitment. 

“Displaying our award-winning credentials on our packs enables us to communicate to our customers that they are choosing exceptional quality and value, in a succinct and convincing way.”

Prezzo UK

“We are so proud as an Italian restaurant group to have won the Pizza Restaurant Chain Award and to have our delicious pizza acknowledged as the best. Thank you PAPA! And thank you to our brilliant teams and our wonderful customers, without them we wouldn’t be flourishing as we are!”

Guido Stucchi, Guido’s Craft Pizza

“Winning the Independent Pizza Restaurant Award for us has meant more of an affirmation of the hard work and dedication to quality we put in since we 'opened' at the start of the first lockdown in 2020. While we now know that our guests do very much enjoy their experience at Guido's, and keep returning over and over, the award has bolstered our confidence immensely and is proving to be a driving force in our commitment to quality. 

“Winning a gold award in 2020 and then overall best in 2021, has been great pat on the back for all the staff for a job well done and keeps us striving to ensure an unparalleled dining experience for our customers.”

Eddie Yakubu, Mamas Pizza and Pasta

“OMG It's been simply amazing. It's so prestigious and a great privilege and honour to win it! It's motivated our team to work even harder and better and given us a great sense of pride. 

“To win a PAPA Award is a major achievement for us. It has increased our brand awareness to an incredible level which has resulted in our customers and whole community having an even higher regard for us, knowing that their dinners are being served by the Best Independent Pizza Delivery in the country.’

Leandro Crolla, Vittoria on the Bridge

My father started entering our restaurants into the PAPA Awards over 10 years ago, I remember when we won for the first time how much it meant to him and our team! We haven’t failed to enter since and will continue to do so.”

Keith Griffiths, head of food innovation & technology, Pizza Hut

“Pizza Hut is honoured to have been recognised for the Pizza Chain Delivery Award, it has a positive impact on moral for everyone involved in building the Brand; be it at the RSC, our amazing franchises and especially for the teams that work relentlessly in the stores to deliver quality products to our customers.”

How to Enter

Entering the awards couldn't be easier. Just choose which award you want to enter and complete the simple entry form.