Whitworth Bros. Flour "Chef’s Special" Finalists

Suitable for thin and deep crust bases, Strong Pizza Flour produces a well-developed, creamy, extensible dough that holds its shape well, with an even baked colour and bright, soft, random and open crumb.

The finalsts

  • Boozy BBQ by Arron Dunn from Planters Garden Centre
  • Sweet Potato Smoke by Charles Reid from Pirates Pizza Shack
  • Hazelnut & Coppa by Luca Cusimano from The Oven Pizzeria
  • Meatball Margherita by Jason Nichols from Stretch Pizza
  • Return of the MAC by Brigi Stamber from Pizzaface 

About the category 

Your challenge is to create a Chef’s Special pizza using Whitworth Bros. Strong Pizza Flour, with a beautifully prepared crust and mouth-watering toppings.